Looking for a path through the wilderness?

Looking for a path through the wilderness?

For months, we’ve been rightly focused on minimizing the physical and economic damage caused by the Covid 19 virus. Largely unaddressed throughout this noble effort, however, has been a neglect of our spiritual health. Weeks of isolation, the absence of communal worship, and the inherent mistrust accompanying social distancing help contribute to a new spiritual malaise.

The good news is that unlike Covid 19, there is easy test to check your spiritual health, maybe as simple as answering a few questions:

• Are you a little unfocused, having difficulty concentrating, feeling you’ve lost your sense of purpose?

• Are you confused about your place in this rapidly changing, even alien landscape of your world?

• Are you questioning some basic tenets of your faith, practices that have served you well but now seem like empty rituals?

If you find yourself in a spiritual wilderness, or would like to spend some time discovering the new path God has laid out for you, the Catholic Conference Center is offering five Retreat Specials to help you.