Are you looking for a place to host your next retreat, workshops, or conference? Or are you looking to get away for a private retreat or for some spiritual direction? We’ve got an experienced, professional staff that can help.

Our Offerings


Group retreat
Main Center (up to 240)

The center is the preferred location for many groups to hold a retreat. With sacred spaces inside and beautiful reflection points on our trails, we attract a wide variety of churches, non-profits, businesses, schools, men’s and women’s groups, and religious orders from both local, national, and international locations. We have space for the ‘two or three gathered in His name’ to group sizes from eight to over 200.

Group Retreat
Saint Francis House (up to 13)

Some groups love to get away and spend a night or two at our Saint Francis Retreat House. It sleeps 13 in its five bedrooms. It has a kitchen and dining area, plus a few other rooms so you have your choice to get close or spread out. It has also become a preferred place for locals who are entertaining a large number of visitors.

Private retreat
Main Center

Jesus said to his disciples, “Come away to a quiet place and rest awhile.” Hundreds of folks have found just the place at the center. Pastors on sabbatical, seminarians on canonical retreat, doctoral candidates finishing their work, married couples seeking to renew their relationship with each other and with God… You can enjoy the quiet of the center or a peaceful walk on the trails. Meal service will be available if there are 8 or more at the center.

Private retreat
Saint Mary’s House (1-4)

Nestled on the tree line of our property is a 100-year-old farmhouse, newly converted into a quaint two-bedroom retreat house. Step back in time and appreciate the original red pine plank floors and shiplap walls. Surrounded by Lincoln log storage buildings from the old farm, and one of our trailheads almost in the backyard, it’s the perfect spot for a one-day retreat to a 30-day retreat.


Are you looking for a unique location for your next training seminar or conference? Join other business and professional organizations that appreciate the value that comes from gathering in a place that has stunning architecture inside and 180 acres of natural beauty outside. Many appreciate being able to take a rejuvenating walk during breaks and after a delicious lunch.


The center has been home for all types of crafters, quilters, choraliers, scrapbookers, and DIY-er’s… any gathering of people for a unique place to relax, spread out, be catered to, and practice their craft. With spacious meeting rooms and grounds, it’s a great venue for some team-building workshops for your organization. We can help you find just the right fit.

Reunion, banquet, reception, and more…

With meeting rooms that seat over 200 people and a dining area with a full-time chef, we’re well equipped for your next reception, banquet, family reunion, Quinciñera, and much, much more. We´ve got spaces both indoors and out for your next event.

Spiritual Direction

Many people have come to the center seeking spiritual guidance, companionship, or spiritual direction. An experienced spiritual director will help you reflect on your prayer life and ultimately nurture your relationship with God. In a safe and sacred setting, the spiritual director listens to you and helps you notice the presence of God in the various relationships, events, and patterns of your life.

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