The pandemic has not only caused much physical harm and economic disruption, but has impacted the spiritual life of many.  An uncertain future is forcing many to question God’s true plan for their life.  Hours of isolation has invited others to reexamine their core values.  If you find yourself in a spiritual wilderness, or would like to spend some time resetting your life’s priorities, the Catholic Conference Center is offering “Phase 2 and 3” specials to help.

“Find Your Center” Retreat (day)

For those who are searching for some answers or need some direction, schedule a guided day retreat at the Center.  The format is flexible depending upon the needs of the individual.  It usually involves some one-on-one spiritual mentoring and suggestions as to how to make the day a fruitful exploration of a person’s spiritual health.  It may include time adoration in the chapel, meditation on the stations of the cross, or reading spiritual books on the porch.   You must call ahead to confirm availability. Cost for a full day of guided spiritual mentoring and access to all features of the property, $75 .

My day retreat began with an incredibly helpful private spiritual mentoring session. Next, I spent time outside enjoying the beautiful grounds– outdoor Stations of the Cross, a picnic lunch and a long hike on the trails adjoining the center.  I concluded the day with a very fruitful hour of Adoration.  I left filled with joy and many ideas to enrich my faith journey.  Peggy


“Find Your Center” Retreat (overnight)

Similar to the day retreat, the overnight retreat gives a person some needed time to reflect upon his or her spiritual health, and listen to God speaking words of grace and healing.  You must call ahead to confirm availability. Includes all the benefits of a Centering Day Retreat plus overnight accommodations in our nicely appointed guest rooms, $100.

From the point of initial contact, I felt welcomed…  I found both the contemplative time I sought and the spiritual companionship I needed… will definitely do it again.  Sharon


“Find Your Center” Retreat (small groups)

The governor allows for meetings for ten or less, perfect for a small group retreat.  We have spacious facilities so social distancing would be easy to accomplish both in the meeting room and the dining area.  If there is an interest in finding a retreat master or small group facilitator, we can help with that as well.  We just need you to gather together 6-10 of your spiritual companions and give us a call.  You must call ahead to confirm availability. Price for overnight and all meals $125.

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* Terms and conditions of “Phase 2 and 3 Retreat Specials”
– A day retreat in the center will depend upon staff availability, usually present during work hours Monday through Friday.
– For one of the centering retreats, please discuss with the center your particular goals ahead of your retreat date.
– All retreats are conditional upon availability and other factors. Requests for a retreat can be declined at the discretion of the Catholic Conference Center.
– Other terms and conditions of the Catholic Conference Center apply, and can be found following this link: Terms and Conditions