Be Opened!

At the heart of today’s Gospel there is a small but very important word, that sums up the whole work of Christ. What is that word? Ephetha – ‘be opened’.

I think it’s so groovy now…

“I think it’s so groovy now that people are finally coming back together. I think it’s wonderful and how that people are finally coming together.” (folk group Friend and Lover)
Is it time to reach out of the darkness?

Practice Makes Perfect

Exactly what do we need to practice?
Faith. Jesus didn’t send the twelve on a mission with nothing because their faith was perfected, but because they needed to shore up what was lacking.

Remodeling Your Interior Castle

Dear Friends: What do spiritual growth and bathroom demolition have in common? It turns out, a lot. A few months ago, the center reacquired the 100-year-old farmhouse we call Saint …