A new way to offer prayer intentions

“Intentional Rosary”

If someone were to ask me to offer 50 specific prayer intentions, I would struggle to come up with that many in a short amount of time. But I’ve found an easy way to do this and more.  

Here’s how. I use my Rosary beads as a guide. I’ll start as usual, with the sign of the cross, the creed, and the three beads for faith, hope, and love.  

When I get to the first decade, I change things a bit. Instead of meditating on a particular mystery, I devote the ten beads to a specific member of my family. One bead for my wife, six others for my children and their partners, and the remaining beads for any siblings that come to mind. I hold the bead, think of the person, and call to mind their needs. I then say a Hail Mary. I move to the next bead and repeat the process.  

I give each decade a similar theme. From family, I usually devote the next to my coworkers and any challenges they may be having. Then I offer for the various people in the Church – the pope, the bishop, my pastor, and other leaders or ministers. One decade I usually reserve for deceased friends and family members. The last decade might be for personal intentions, my brother deacons, or maybe the struggles in the world. I feel free to mix it up as needs arise.

In about 25 minutes, I asked Mary to intercede for 50 people or intentions!  In some cases, I need more than ten beads in a decade. Using the decades of the Rosary to organize my prayer intentions helps me stay focused and be deliberate as I pray. If I can’t think of a particular need for the person, I say a Hail Mary for them anyway and let Mary figure out the rest. 

In praying this way, I heed the command of Saint Paul: “Pray on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. Be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.” – (see Eph 6:18; NIV)

Are you wondering how you could “pray with all kinds of prayers and requests”? Give what I call my “Rosary of Intentions” try.