How to listen to the right voice

A reflection for Friday of the 27th Week in Ordinary Time
RCA Victor with Nipper the Dog

Jesus said, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste.”  (see Lk 11:15-26) I think this also applies to the kingdom of my interior life.  There are a number of voices seeking dominance.  After a morning of meditative prayer, I sweep the house clean of all these divisive voices.  By evening seven others show up.  A little situation at work and the voice of my ego shouts, ‘How dare they!’  Or a little peek at what my ‘friends’ are doing on Facebook and the voice of envy tells me I am missing out. 

To hear the voice of the Good Shepherd, I need to silence the other voices.  As they invade my interior kingdom, I need to ask:  Who’s voice is speaking to me now?  If it is not the Good Shepherd, it’s time to reach back into the silence and listen for the one voice that can bring me peace, not division. 

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The fruit of silence is prayer,
the fruit of prayer is faith,
the fruit of faith is love,
the fruit of love is service,
and the fruit of service is peace.

– Mother Teresa of Calcutta –