Center Connections: 22-April-2020: The Corona Resurrection


A message from the Director:
The Corona Resurrection

What is the post-Covid-19 world going to look like? A comparison to the resurrection might shed some light. After the resurrection, the disciples weren’t out in the world singing ‘Allelluias’. They were huddled in fear in the upper room. Only gradually did their understanding of a post-resurrection world come. One thing was certain: life after the resurrection was never going to be the same. Even those who tried to go back to their old way of life – the two going to Emmaus, or Peter’s impetuous declaration by the sea of Galilee, “I’m going fishing” – Jesus met face to face. He patiently reminded them that their old ways are gone. God has a new and more magnificent plan.

As a community, we’re still reeling from the disorienting and tragic effects of the virus. Like the disciples after experiencing the horrors of the crucifixion, we huddle in our upper rooms in dismay, afraid to venture out and come in contact with others, unable to comprehend what the post-resurrection life after Corona might be.

We long for a return to ‘normal’. What the resurrection teaches us is that the ‘normal’ we knew is gone forever. God is going to usher in a new ‘normal’. And if God is true to form, this will be even better than the old in ways we can’t even imagine. The other lesson that comes from the resurrection stories is that even if we try to return to the old, Jesus will meet us on the way, and gently reveal a little bit more of this glorious plan, a plan that at first will be difficult to comprehend.

Our task is to stay close to Jesus as He walks with us through this crisis and remain open to the new ways God intends for us to live, work, play and pray.

May Jesus, the risen Lord, accompany all of us on the way into a new, post-Corona world.

Deacon Scott D. Gilfillan

Director, Catholic Conference Center

Tips to help you ‘stay’ with the “Stay”…

Here are a few tips to help you cope with the present “Stay at Home” restrictions, yet come to a deeper understanding of the God’s plan for the post-Corona world:

  • Stay focused on the present, that’s where God dwells and the only place you can really make a difference.
  • Stay still, set aside some quiet time for prayer and listen to Jesus as he reveals God’s plan.
  • Stay informed, but not obsessed with news and social media outlets.
  • Stay faithful. How about binging on the bible instead of Netflix? The disciples used scripture to continuously bring to mind how God has been faithful in the past and let this guide their current thinking.
  • Stay fit, take a hike. Come to the center – there is a perfect 30 minute loop for a Rosary.
  • Stay connected, try contacting one or two different people each day, and hear the voice of God through the people of God.

You’re going to like the improvements…

In the absence of retreats and conferences, we’ve taken advantage of this time to redirect our skills from hospitality to things like painting, sheetrock, and carpentry. We think you’ll appreciate our efforts next time you visit.
Renovations on the Guest Kitchen
(includes new cabinets, flooring, and an ice maker)
New bridge over the creek.
Upscaling Woodlands to a nice conference/dining room
Markings on all of the trails

How can we help?

We’d like to help give you the tools you need to emerge into this post-Covid-19 world. What future offerings might be most beneficial to to you? Your organization? Your professional associates? We have access to a number of talented speakers, facilitators, and retreat masters. Click a link and send us an email with your thoughts.

Here are some potential subjects:

  • Caring for the Caregiver
  • <a href=”mailto:info
  • Inspirational, Motivational Messages
  • <a href=”mailto:info
  • Easing the trauma for front-line crisis workers
  • <a href=”mailto:info
  • Praying with art, poetry, icons, bread, nature…
  • <a href=”mailto:info

Scenes from around the center…

We miss you, but don’t want you to miss some of the beauty that is unfolding in your absence. Here are a couple of photos. One is of the Mountain Laurel getting ready to bloom, and the other is a little waterfall along the St. John trail. We’ve had a number of people come enjoy our outdoor spaces. Email info if you’re interested in getting out to a safe place, and visiting some beautiful and sacred outdoor spaces.

Call to reserve a place for your event now!

Though we’re still looking at a lot of present uncertainty, we are currently filling up February and March of 2021. It’s not too soon to call to reserve a place for next year’s event.

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“Come away to a secluded place and rest awhile.” Mk 6:31
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