Lunch Date with a Saint

Wednesdays from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
Come to any or all sessions

The Catholic Conference Center invites you to attend a captivating series, “Lunch Date with a Saint”. Get to know some of the treasured saints of the church and experience the same delight and understanding you might receive as if you were on a date with a special person. Each Wednesday, will begin with a light but delicious lunch at 12:00 PM, followed by a thought-provoking discussion on one of the saints. For those who chose, the ‘date’ could begin with an hour of adoration and a blessing by Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Here is a typical lunch date:

Date Night
10:45 AM Holy Hour of Adoration (optional)
11:45 AM Benediction (optional)
12:00 PM Dinner
12:45 PM Program
1:30 PM Final Blessing

Any questions, contact Deacon Scott Gilfillan at,or call 828.328.7441.

An Advent reflection with Saint Francis: “In love with Christ”

Three Sessions: December 2 through December 16

For a deeper dive, follow along with the Companion book: “In Love with Christ, The Secret of Saint Francis Assisi” by fr. raniero Cantalamessa

“St. Francis is a universal man. During his life he preached to everyone, the learned and the ignorant, even to the birds and a wolf, according to Franciscan legend. One cannot speak of St. Francis except in a “Franciscan” way, that is in a simple, direct and – possibly – even in a poetic way. The blunt question that Brother Masseo asked St. Francis one day is well-known:

“Why does everyone come to you? Why does the whole world run after you?”

There is even more reason to pose the question today because the world that goes after the saint is no longer, as it was at that time, the little world of central Italy, but is, literally, the whole world, including many non-believers and members of other religions.”

Register for the special Advent series “Lunch Date” and find out why the world wants to be with this beloved saint!

PRICING: No charge, donations accepted

The Center would like to get as many people as possible to enter into a deeper spiritual experience by exploring the unique gifts of a saint. Donations will be kindly accepted to defer the cost of the meals (about $12 per session) and help the center continue her mission of evangelization and renewal.

Please register Tuesday to for the Wednesday conference. Register now, space is limited to 25 participants.

Date Night with a Saint Registration

Please call 828-327-7441 if you have questions.
  • The whole world looks to Saint Francis. Even the birds of the air and the wolf of the forest came to this unusual man. Find out the unique 'Franciscan:" qualities of our beloved Saint, and let him show you how to bring joy and warmth to your reflections on the nativity of the Lord.
  • Please include the name if another person will be coming with you.
  • Please consider helping in our mission of evangelization and renewal. Give a tax-deductible donation to the Catholic Conference Center, to both defer the cost of the program and help us continue our mission. We appreciate your support.

About the Presenter

The sessions and discussions will be led by Deacon Scott D. Gilfillan. Deacon Scott was ordained as a Catholic deacon in 2001. He has a wide range of experience of facilitating groups and leading retreats for parishes, RCIA programs, and deacon candidates. For many years, he was the director of deacon formation for the diocese of Charlotte, assisting and guiding deacon candidates and their wives in discernment and formation. Most recently he has become the director of the Catholic conference and retreat center in Hickory.