Fulfillment of Faith
Women’s Retreat

Mary and Elizabeth watercolor
by Dorothy Webster Hawksley

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind retreat that blends storytelling and drama with prayer and reflection.

Featuring women instrumental in the birth of Jesus, it is also a great way to prepare yourself for the Advent season. It’s one-night, November 6 – 7, hosted by the Catholic Conference Center at a special price.

The highlight of this retreat will feature dramatic presentations from Faith:  A Mother’s Story performed by Olivia Woodford, founder of Bible Women Speak. Participants will explore their faith in God and the presence of miracles in their lives with an exploration of the events that led to Jesus’ birth and the faith of those who played a role in God’s promise being fulfilled. 

Retreat will include discussion of the presentation and related scripture readings, as well as time dedicated to prayer, reflection, and/or journaling. 

For more information, or to register, email info@catholicconference.org or call us at 828.327.7441

Faith: A Mother’s Story

A joy-filed and soulful performance to get you ready for the Advent Season.  The events of the first Christmas come to life through the eyes of the women who were around Mary: her mother Anne;  her cousin Elizabeth; Leah of the House of David; a shepherdess; and Anna, a Seeress in the Temple.

As these women encounter events and the mystery of Jesus’ coming, they face doubt, disbelief and ultimately joy as their faith is renewed in God, life and themselves.


Performance & Discussion
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Performance & Discussion
Performance & Discussion

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The discounted price is $150 per person (individual room), $275 per couple (shared room).  This includes overnight lodging, three full-course meals prepared by our own executive chef, all materials, and fees for our expert presenter… plus access to our beautiful facilities, trails, and outdoor meditation areas. 

Meet Our Presenter

Olivia Woodford

Olivia’s experience of the power of sacred drama was developed over a lifetime career in creating theatrical productions as a vehicle to stir the soul and speak our heart’s longing. She has a BFA in Theater from Boston University, and has performed and directed theater in regional theater and off-Broadway. Olivia has taught theater to people of all ages.

She is a member of Network of Biblical Storytellers Int’l, the Founder of Healing Theatre, and a professional storyteller, With a career focused on how to marry theater with the sacred, Olivia was inspired to create sacred dramas based on the gospels to have the words and verses leap from the page and into our lives and hearts in a meaningful and beautiful way.

Read more about Olivia here…

Safety and Social Distancing

All retreatants will be safely distanced with a private lodging room, well-separated seating, individual dining room table in our spacious, retreat center.  The center has received consecutive 100% sanitation ratings for both the dining area and the lodging rooms. If you would like to know more about our safety protocols, please call 828.327.7441 and ask for our Hospitality Manager, Kris Cordes.


Registrations are non-refundable, however, the retreat will also abide by the COVID 19 protocols issued by the state of North Carolina. Should the protocols change to where the conference center is unable to host a retreat, all registration fees will be refunded. Registration is limited to state requirements and to maintain appropriate social distancing, so register now to make sure you have a place at this powerful retreat.

For more information, or to register, email info@catholicconference.org or call us at 828.327.7441

Content Disclaimer: This retreat is story-telling and theater, meant to evoke the imagination and draw participants into a deeper appreciate of the biblical characters and what they can teach us about our own times.  The vignettes are based on scripture, historical research and tradition, but ultimately a fictional creation and personal interpretation of the artist and performer.