Spiritual Direction Engagement Agreement

By entering a relationship with a spiritual director, you are making a commitment to sustained, spiritual growth. This is best achieved by being open to hearing the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit, and willing to act on the promptings that come through spiritual direction (see spiritual direction page). To provide some basic guidelines in this relationship between you and the director, here are some points of agreement.

Our Relationship

You are meeting with your spiritual director because you want to examine and grow in your spiritual life. The following link to Guidelines for Ethical Conduct explains the roles in a general way. Though at times it is appropriate at times to discuss psychological, relational, and financial difficulties, these are done in the context of how they are impacting your spiritual life.  Any decisions and actions you may take as a result of spiritual direction is purely your responsibility. 


The director will hold all conversations in strict confidence, as one would expect in a confessional.  The exceptions would be those required by law that involve potential harm to a minor, a vulnerable adult, or you, the directee.  The director may confidentially share portions of a session with a supervisor, masking enough personal details to protect the anonymity of the directee. The time together is sacred and an atmosphere of trust is essential. On the other hand, you are free to share whatever you choose about the conversations with anyone.


Spiritual Direction is a service provided by the Catholic Conference Center, a non-profit retreat center owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte.  The fees are used to support the center’s mission of evangelization and renewal. The fees for a one-hour session are on a sliding scale determined by the directee and his/her ability to pay.  If a person has a particular financial need, other arrangements can be made. Checks should be made out to the Catholic Conference Center, 1551 Trinity Lane, Hickory, NC, 28602. Cash and checks may also be placed in an envelope in the center Gift Shop. Alternatively, you can make an online payment following this link:  www.catholicconference.org/payment.  Payment should be made before or on the day of the scheduled session.    

Scheduling Sessions

The director and the directee commit to beginning and ending sessions on time. If you wish to change your appointment, you will let the director know at least 24 hours in advance by emailing or calling. Without this notice, you will pay the agreed upon fee. The director will not send you reminders for the sessions. The frequency of sessions is usually monthly but can be modified depending on the needs of the directee.  If you would like to briefly share a success or a problem with the director between sessions, you may freely do so via e-mail, voice mail, or text with no expectation of additional stipends. 

Evaluation of Relationship

After three sessions, it is recommended that the directee and director evaluate their relationship and make any changes going forward.

To acknowledge your consent, please follow the button link (opens in a new tab).