The Catholic Conference Center is a special place for many of our guests. A destination within themselves allowing time and space to grow, nurture and embrace the fleeting moments that are nowhere to be found outside our Center: a place to connect with the human spirit, renewing and building stronger relationships in ones personal and professional life.

We offer our hospitality in the name of Christ, but do not have a religious agenda for our guests. We understand and respect religious diversity and celebrate secular contributions in making God’s world a better place.

Our staff is at ease with their mission of providing you an environment that enhances your goals. Our niche is personalized service with a smile and an extended hand in guiding you with ease through events. delight in the Center’s atmosphere of peaceful charm. Enjoy relaxing moments by a warm fire in winter, or mountain vistas from the front porch on a cool summer’s eve. A walk on our trails can lift a heavy heart and lighten ones step to see clearly that it’s the simple things we are missing; not to be found in a hotel or commercial setting.

Our specialty is providing hospitality for overnight conferences and retreats. We currently serve overnight groups as large as 125 and as small as 1. Being only a short drive from most major cities in the Piedmont and Foothills, day meetings fit well with our mission. For day conferences, we can currently serve up to 350 people. Dress banquets are also popular. Just ask the folks who have discovered our Banquet fare and they will tell you, the setting makes the event and dinner icing on the cake! Tired of being packed into the corner of a restaurant and sitting in a noisy atmosphere trying to fellowship? Then you need the Center! Your group has our full attention. Our staff greets each guest and invites them to the lounge where they can relax with light refreshments and fellowship. afterwards, our staff will call when dinner is served.