Comments from Deacon Scott’s
Life in the Eucharist Retreat

100% Enjoyable, well planned, interesting, and informative.

Deacon Scott was great, a really good instructor.

An excellent, well-organized retreat.

I appreciated the free time. It allowed me to sit on the deck and enjoy the weather, view, and other participants.

It was so relaxing and peaceful that I plan to return for an individual retreat.

I enjoyed Deacon Scott’s talks. I wanted to hear more.  

I liked the fact that Deacon Scott went with the flow. It wasn’t so scripted that we were pressed for time to get all content covered. The PowerPoint slides were brief, to the point, and relevant to the discussion.

I liked the round circle discussion at the end. I really enjoyed the schedule, especially the small group discussions.

The Eucharist is always difficult to explain. Deacon Scott did outstanding presentations, very enriching.

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