What have others said about Fr. Peter Tremblay’s Retreats?

New Year’s Retreat

Father Peter was very knowledgeable about his subject and very open to questions and concerns. He challenged me to rethink my perspectives on my faith and my worries about the world. I love every minute of his talks! Such a gifted speaker and teacher.

Father, please write a book about your way of looking at the Bible. I would like to have it in my library. Thanks for your excellent input.

Fr. Peter Tremblay was well prepared and he did a great job. He is a captivating speaker.

Fr. Peter is outstanding. I hope he will come back for another retreat.

Great work! I would have liked more/longer talks on the topics presented. It was probably the first time for many if not all of us to listen to a Priest speak openly from his heart on these subjects. Seems most priests “don’t want to go there”. Of course it takes a Franciscan to lay it all out honestly.

He was a very powerful speaker with a great sense of humor.

He was awesome. Bring him back!

Keep up the inspiring work! I am still digesting the message.

Wonderful thoughtful topics. Enjoyed the Franciscan point of view and sharing about St. Francis. Thankful for the confession time, too. The lessons also seemed to be tied to the mass readings for that Sunday, by design or by Holy coincidence, it was beautiful.

Fr. Peter challenged me and gave me food for thought and prayer. I couldn’t ask for more. Please bring him back again.

He inspired me to go a further step.

Your talks were very insightful! It’s easier to see the problems we face but the how to deal with them is trickier. Thank you so much for giving us a new perspective on living the faith today!