Praise from past participants of the “Art as Spiritual Therapy” retreat

“I would love to see more retreats for us regular people, not just corporate! This is 1 of the best vacations I have ever taken and came home refreshed and relaxed! It would be nice to see kids involved in some as well.”

“Excellent front desk and total experience!”

“Loved the whole experience! Enjoyed the free time to just meditate.”

“They were amazing – not long enough for me!”

“The Pottery class was great. I really enjoyed the demonstration and spiritual lessons I would do this again!!! Such a great retreat.”

“The retreat was a welcome activity connecting with others in a safe way. The spiritual and creative opportunities were enriching and a lot of fun. Look forward to more such sessions. Thanks for all the work and energy put into providing this to the diocese!”

“Took charge of my own journey and walked the beautiful trails and stations of the cross. Very pleased and would definitely come again and refer other as well.”

Photos from the “Art as Spiritual Therapy” Retreats