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From Surviving to Thriving

Seeking Renewal in the Wilderness

How does a person seek renewal after wandering through this wilderness called ‘the pandemic’?

Dr. Timothy Boyd has outlined a unique approach to help answer this question. With his many talents as a sculptor and artist, added to his depth of experience as a psychologist and missionary, he will bring all this to together to help the participants find health, healing and hope.

In this one night retreat, expect to hear engaging presentations, participate in challenging group discussions, and use art , sculpture, and metaphor as a means to enter into a deeper truth about the world. You may be invited to craft your own. Even “art-fearful” people will be helped to generate potent, personal images.

For any faith tradition, or those who are now searching.

The retreat will be structured in four sessions:

1st Session: Where am I?

This session will help participants identify where they are in the journey. With the wilderness as an underlying image, the session will explore how God used this image and continues to use this image to shape his people. In the end, participants will learn that embracing the wilderness is the first step in moving forward.

2nd Session: What have I lost?

Mourning as a necessary part of the process. Getting the support of others comes from telling our stories and finding our common experiences. This will help normalize the tough places and put into perspective our reactions to the past year (or years).

3rd Session: Where is my roadmap forward?

It is important to leave this greater awareness with a vision for the future and a map for the journey. Without vision the people perish. Using creativity and Biblical imagination by using metaphors and visualizations of our hoped-for future.

4th Session: How do I go forward?

In the last session, Dr. Boyd will help participants mobilize their resources for the journey into the ‘promised land’. With an infusion of Hope, he will help people find practical tools and strategies for the journey forward.

About the Presenter

Tim is a psychologist, currently in private practice. He moved to Hickory, NC in December of 2009 with his wife, Anita. They moved there to be close to family (they have 6 grandkids), and to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mts. Tim has been in counseling practice since 1974, and has been a therapist in a variety of different settings in the US and across the world. Tim has a strong interest in the integration of Biblical truth with the practice of psychology. He went to a doctoral program that had the distinction of being a seed-bed of integrative thinking. In his counseling he utilizes various appropriate therapies, and weaves the timeless truths of the Scriptures with those practices.

Tim has been a therapist, teacher, missionary, and supervisor. He developed a family practice in Bend, Oregon and helped start a counseling and growth center in Pennsylvania for pastors and missionaries. Read more…

Tim’s Art Experience and Philosophy

Tim is primarily a self-taught artist. He has taken some classes in ceramics and painting at the college level. Most of his art comes out of trial-and-error. Many of his pieces are constructions made from found objects. He loves to beachcomb for flotsam and jetsam, tramp through a forest looking for unusual shapes of wood, or dumpster-dive (much to his wife’s chagrin). Taking something that is a discard or an artifact and incorporating it into a piece of art is an act of redemption. He seeks to make the images found in Scripture come alive- to make them accessible. It is all about integration. Fragments and pieces coming together to make a whole. Integration births Shalom. See Tim’s works of art…


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